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Learning something new is rarely a piece of cake, although it can and should be a delightful experience. Facing age-old problems alongside more modern concerns, education needs a revamp if it is to effectively pursue its missions of supporting social progress and personal development. Thankfully, technology and, more importantly, people are ready for online learning to be served on a silver platter. 
The idea is to collaboratively build a graph-based map of the knowledge space, designed to be navigated seamlessly, in a fully personalized fashion, with a bias towards curiosity-driven exploration and the flexibility to accommodate any topic. This additionally enables the platform to serve as a personal learning management system and to become a social network.  
We want Mapedia to be an open project. To us, this means using crowd-sourcing to build a platform promoting free education, being transparent on all related issues and remaining independent . Additionally, we tend to approach things from a pragmatic standpoint. This in particular motivates our choice of focusing first on domains affiliated with tech and on indexing and curating external content in a way that benefits the learner right from the start. 
If you find the project interesting, we would love you to join our community! 
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Check out Why to learn more about the motivations behind this project. 

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