Mapedia is a crowdsourced learning map, designed to help people learn seamlessly 

  • Leveraging the latest technologies, we index any kind of learning material in a representation of all knowledge in order to serve them at the right time to users 
  • We enable a new, visual, and custom-tailored way to learn that allows learners to receive guidance while staying in control, whether pursuing knowledge with a precise goal in mind or exploring new topics out of curiosity 
  • We strive to build an accessible, all in one learning tool, removing as many blockers as possible - from the logistical ones to the motivational ones 
    Mapedia's mission is to empower online learners 
  • Our impact = the number of people helped * weight of the impact per person  
  • We aim to make a platform able to help any web user seeking a deeper, secondary level of knowledge growth 
  • Any topic that can be learned online can be supported on Mapedia 
    Mapedia is free and accessible 
  • No compromise on accessibility in exchange for profits: no paywalls from us, ever 
  • We recommend free learning materials (e.g. web courses) first 
  • By leveraging crowdsourcing, peer learning, and peer-based feedback, we aim to make traditionally paid education products and services available for free (e.g. cohort based courses, certifications) 
  • Our business model is transparent and will focus on helping learners find quality job offers and scouting for talent (at first, this might evolve) 
    Mapedia is open source & unbiased 
  • No affiliated links 
  • A transparent recommendation engine - checkout our code :) 
  • We aim to recommend what’s best for the learners - not what’s more profitable for us 
    Mapedia is an open community 
  • The Mapedia community will own the content and curation on Mapedia, fuel the recommendation engine and contribute to business and product decisions 
  • User generated content such as concept explanations will be supported later on 
  • We are an inclusive community, everyone is welcomed 

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